How a Simple Cat Toy Became One of the Most Important Gifts in My Life

The FelineFisher Story 

About Me


Building the Feline FisherHi, I’m Carla Job the owner of Red Cat Company and manufacturer of the FelineFisher cat toy.

Let me backup just a bit here. First and foremost I am a cat lover and devoted pet parent. I’ve shared my life with cats since I was a child. I now share my life (and my home, my couch, my bed, my lap, my husband’s lap and of course my computer keyboard) with my cats Baby and Gummi.

In addition to my business of hand making the FelineFisher cat toys, (it’s true, I make each one by hand in my workshop in Arizona) I’ve been a professional cat sitter for 17 years.

In all of my years of cat sitting, it has been an honor to share in so many touching stories of how cats have come into the lives, the homes and the hearts of my clients. Although every story is unique, just as every cat is unique, there is often a common underlying theme; the precious gift of a second chance.

MashaMasha’s Story:

Masha had been abused in her previous home and would not let anyone touch her for weeks after she was rescued and brought to Washington Heights Cat Colony. The wonderful folks at this rescue facility told us that the FelineFisher worked a miracle with this cat when nothing else would…..

“Over the course of several months of 3 times daily play sessions with the FelineFisher cat toy, Masha gradually blossomed into the sweet, loving and beautiful cat she was always meant to be. Masha was eventually adopted into a “forever home” and of course we sent along her very own FelineFisher cat toy. Masha continues to enjoy her daily “Fisher Sessions” with her new mom and has even progressed to the point where she loves being brushed and getting belly rubs. Thank you FelineFisher for this and so many other happy endings you have brought to the rescued cats and kittens of northern Manhattan!”

Washington Heights Cat Colony

A heartfelt thanks goes out to the dedicated folks at WaHi Cats who spent months gently coaxing Masha out of her fearful shell. She received the gift of a second chance to live a happy life. If my FelineFisher cat toy has helped save the life of even one cat, a greater gift I cannot imagine.

The History Behind the FelineFisher Cat Toy

Being a cat sitter for 17 years, I’ve racked up thousands of hours of playtime with cats. I’ve had the opportunity to play with every type of cat toy imaginable from the most expensive high tech “concept” toys all the way down to a crumpled-up piece of paper.

To this day, my clients always ask that I play with their cats while they are away. They leave me laser pointers, feathered wand toys, jingle balls, catnip infused soft toys, etc. You name it – I’ve tried it.

I can tell you without reservation that in all of my time spent with cats, the best cat toy of all was the original Galkie Kitty Tease. However, I learned that the original had been out of production for many years. The toy that had won numerous awards and was voted by Cat Fancy magazine as “The Best Cat Toy in the Last 30-Years.” Also winner of the Cat Fancy “Hall of Fame” award, the Kitty Tease toy was a cat toy like no other, and it was no longer available. I was compelled to find out why and do whatever I could to bring it back.

The Galkie Kitty Tease Gets the Gift of a Second Chance

After a considerable amount of time, work, reworking, negotiating and renegotiating, it’s official. The original Galkie Kitty Tease became the FelineFisher. Our official statement reads as follows:

FelineFisher and Red Cat Company wish to take this opportunity to thank Mr. John “Galkie” Galkiewicz, entrepreneur and inventor for his help, encouragement and outspoken resolve to have us remain true to the high standards of excellence he established with his invention, the original Galkie Kitty Tease, the creation that made cat toy history and paved the way for FelineFisher.

FelineFisher has received its own share of accolades as well. FelineFisher was named one of the best interactive cat toys by the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University (Catnip Magazine March 2013) and rated the #1 Cat Toy and THE best cat toy ever!” in the book by cat behavior expert and author Wendy Christensen “Outsmarting Cats” available on Amazon.

It is exciting to see FelineFisher win such wide acclaim, but in all honesty, it’s what I hear from my customers that truly warms my heart…

“I’ve rarely interacted with a company with such great customer service, which is matched only by your great product. My cats have an instant response whenever I open the door of the closet where my FelineFisher is stored: no matter where they are or what they’ve been doing, they are instantly at my feet, wanting another play session with the FelineFisher. They never get tired of it, and they are really benefiting from the exercise that they get from it. It is the best cat toy I’ve ever bought (and I have dozens of them!).”

J. Cannon

And I especially love hearing stories from our customers who come back and buy a second or third FelineFisher to give as gifts to other cat lovers…

Emmy LOVES your toy!! The stories do not do justice to the product you make. I have spent many hours laughing with our cat Emmy at how much she fully enjoys this toy! She sits next to the closet where I have to hide it (based on your wise recommendations) giving me a few gestures that she wants to play. I cannot believe how much she loves the FelineFisher! I had to order one for another cat lover (my nephew). Thank you!!


Now I can tell you without reservation that in all of my time spent with cats, the FelineFisher is the best cat toy available today that can consistently challenge, exercise, entertain and thoroughly engage cats of all ages.

I am certain that you and your cat will find the FelineFisher to be fun, interactive, and of the highest quality. So certain, in fact, that I back each sale with a “No Hassle 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!” Here’s how it works:

“We will refund your entire purchase price if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 30-days of your purchase.”

In addition to this guarantee, Red Cat Company will also replace any defective rod, tip or handle for a period of one-year from date of purchase provided the defect is not due to abuse. Using simple care and common sense, your FelineFisher should last for many years. However, we recognize that even with the right care and correct use occasionally even the best made products can experience problems.

So what are you waiting for? I hope you’ll order one for yourself and a second one as a gift for another cat lover in your life – or to donate to your local animal shelter (they will love you for this!!!). Be sure to let me know how your cat reacts to FelineFisher. You can send an email, a note, or post your story directly on our Facebook Page.