Why Cats Fancy The FelineFisher

A toy just isn’t a toy unless your cat will play with it. The fact that you are intrigued by a toy is no measure of your cat’s interest level. Cats want what they want and that’s that! If you’ve ever had the experience of bringing home a new cat toy (or worse, several new cat toys at considerable expense) only to be disappointed―even annoyed―by your cat’s lack of interest, you know how frustrating this can be.

I don’t know all the answers and I am still learning everyday which is probably one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. That being said, as a Professional Cat Sitter for the past 14-years I have grown in my knowledge of cats and their play-toy preferences. During this time I have worked with hundreds of cats observing and interacting with them through a full range of their behaviors including a wide variety of play activities. I have used nearly every imaginable toy from the simplest inexpensive homemade creations like a shoestring or paper bag to expensive high-end concept toys.
Cat playing with the Feline FisherI can tell you without reservation that in all of my time spent playing with cats I have never seen or used a toy that can consistently challenge, exercise, entertain and thoroughly engage a cat more effectively than the FelineFisher! In addition to my own experiences I am always gathering information from my cat sitting clients regarding their cat toy experiences. Here’s what I have learned that hopefully can help you better understand cat play behavior and the type of toy that might best meet your cat’s playtime interests and exercise requirements.

“Wow! Our cat loves the Feline Fisher! He even gives up the opportunity to eat when he is playing with this amazing toy. We have never seen him do that with any of his other toys. This is a winner.” – AP

Cats are highly intelligent, inquisitive animals that need challenges, variety and exercise in their play activities. Although domesticated, they have retained many of their wild instincts. Among these is the natural drive to stalk, pounce and capture prey. Since they can’t simply go outside as they please, indoor cats depend on their humans to provide for their needs including play activities that mimic the experience they would have if in the wild.

Cat playing with the Feline FisherPlaying and hunting are closely linked activities that go hand-in-hand (or should I say paw-in-paw) for a cat. Different types of play behavior that mimic hunting behavior include stalking, staring, side-step shuffle, chasing, rearing-up, pouncing, boxing/batting and the hold-release and recapture movement are all perfectly normal and healthy behaviors which bring hunting and playing together in one fun activity first seen in young kittens and then practiced, perfected and enjoyed by even the oldest of cats throughout their life.

The ideal cat toy is one your cat will think of as “prey” which allows her to utilize fully the skills, talents and instincts she was endowed with at birth and which she is innately driven to make use of. Using the FelineFisher as prescribed will give your kitty an appropriate target for those claws and teeth, keeping your hands and fingers safe and off the “toy list”―reinforcing acceptable behaviors while preventing unacceptable behaviors―all part of the learning curve most cats experience as they grow into the “perfect little angels” we envision them to be!

“We’ve never been big on cat toys. Most are too expensive for what you get; they break quickly and never really keep the cats interest for more than a short time. That was until we heard about the Feline Fisher.” – C&J M

Playtime doesn’t have to be limited to your cat having all the fun. You too can join in on the excitement. Interactive toys that involve a human are especially fun since you are also engaged and drawing on your mind to make your cats play even more stimulating and rewarding. I can’t begin to recall the many times I’ve been told by cat owners how totally enjoyable and bonding the experience is for them when they use the FelineFisher to play with their cat. It’s the type of experience that takes the animal/human connection to a new level. Your cat’s speed, agility, skill and ingenuity will amaze, dazzle and fascinate you. You will find yourself wanting to tell everybody you know about your cats new-found genius as a skilled stalker/catcher of prey with comments like. . .

“You should see my cat playing with the FelineFisher, he does the most awesome jumps and flips…and the speed of this guy, he’s lightning quick, I’ve never seen him move so fast… honestly, you’ve got to see it to believe it―it’s simply amazing!!!”

I bet you can hear yourself now, carrying on like the proud parent you are! Good for you! Brag on them all you want―we do it too and we encourage you to do the same―it’s every proud cat-lovers prerogative!

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