Cute kitty loves her new cat toy!

Foxy & her Feline Fisher Cat Toy & ExerciserWhen my beloved cat Junior (a 10-year old tabby) passed away two years ago, I was positive I would never own another cat.  As much as I love them, I was too heartbroken at the thought of losing another pet.  Occasionally I would wander into PetsMart and find myself looking at the cats and kittens available for adoption through the Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood, OR.

One day I ran met the most adorable kitten and I was instantly smitten!   I adopted her immediately. Foxy is a Maine Coon, a cat like I have never owned before.

After tearing through many of the cheap, plastic fishing-style cat toys, we were delighted to run across The Amazing FelineFisher! Foxy (who is hard on her toys), can’t get enough of her FelineFisher, and loves our time together with it.   It provides her with exercise, fun, and – I believe – mental exercise as well.

~ Lorinda & Foxy