Benefits of Interactive Cat Toys

 **News Flash!  FelineFisher cat toy was listed number one of the two best interactive cat toys in the March 2013 issue of “Catnip” the newsletter from Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University**

When we bring a cat into our lives and into our homes, it often feels like we’ve brought in something “wild” from the great outdoors. Although they’ve been domesticated, cats seem to have found a way to cling tight to their independent ~ wild side.

And even though we know that keeping them indoors extends their lives (and lowers our veterinary bills) we can’t help but wonder if they ever feel a bit of the nature deprivation blues.

                                                          We Have Good News!

FelineFisher interactive cat toy provides mental stimulation, strengthens the bond between you and your cat, and facilitates physical stimulation (shhh – we don’t call it exercise) all while protecting your hands and fingers with our unique design.

The FelineFisher is effortless to use, light weight and comfortable for you to hold while you sit, stand or walk around.

Customers frequently tell us that using the FelineFisher when playing with their cat makes playtime more enjoyable than they thought possible.

“I just purchased your FelineFisher toy. While I was reading the instructions in the kitchen, I was randomly flipping the toy up and down. Suddenly my cat Hank appeared from another room and started playing immediately! Hank is ten years old and LOVES the toy. We play every day now, and he has climbed up the back of the couch, jumped into the air and done everything else to catch the little cloth ‘critter’. Thanks!”

Donna K.

Definition of an Interactive Cat Toy

When veterinarians and animal behaviorists refer to the term “interactive cat toy,” they mean that YOU – the pet parent – stars in the leading role of your cat’s play.

We’ve all seen the advertisements – there are some very high-tech toys available that require winding or batteries, and other pole or rod style toys that can be attached to door jambs or doorknobs. But don’t be fooled by the ads. Those are not interactive toys.

FelineFisher is truly an interactive cat toy that makes playtime more fun for both you and your cat.

Seriously, we’re pretty sure that your cat knows the difference between you and a doorknob.

Catnip – a publication from the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tuft’s University – noted “some of the best interactive toys we’ve found are the FelineFisher … formerly known and loved by millions of cats as the Galkie Kitty Tease – is particularly versatile … to cats, it’s pure magic.”

Hello. This will be no surprise I am sure, but my 2 cats LOVE this toy!!! Even though I have other “pole” toys, this one wins by a mile. I’ve been keeping it in the mailing tube and when my youngest cat hears it coming out of the tube she squeals in delight. Thank you for bringing it back into production.

       Kathleen B. Lexington, KY

The Benefits of Mental Stimulation:

  • Engagement of Natural Instincts  Your cats are impulsive and highly intelligent creatures – each with their own unique personalities. We call it “cattitude”.Cats have maintained their natural instincts to stalk, chase, pounce and capture prey. Since they can’t go outside and hunt as they please, your cats rely on you to satisfy these natural instincts. It is not natural for a cat to lay around waiting for the next meal to be presented to them.
  • Success and Reward   Nobody likes to play games that they have no chance of winning. We’ve heard about cats that become frustrated with laser pointer games because that little red dot remains forever elusive, thus your cat can’t ever “capture their prey”.The FelineFisher adds the capture element. It’s a great way to simulate the natural behavior of hunting, stalking, pouncing and capturing (winning!).By playing with FelineFisher just before you provide mealtime you can closely mimic what would happen in the wild as cats would naturally hunt for their food. Your cat will soon look forward to playtime knowing that mealtime will soon follow.

The Benefits of Physical Stimulation (exercise):

  • Weight Control  Cats are designed for short bursts of energy, not extended exertion. They are more like sprinters than marathon runners.The FelineFisher is the perfect cat exerciser. It effectively and safely increases their heart rate while burning calories and providing stretching and toning benefits. We have seen many overweight cats take to the FelineFisher and totally enjoy their playtime never realizing they were “working out.”
  • Snooze Control  Perhaps you remember your cat’s behavior during kitten-hood; zooming around the house – flying across the furniture – aerial acrobatics one minute, then sound asleep the next minute.Even older cats display similar behavior (usually around 3 am). You may be surprised to see just how agile your older cat may be (as you usually miss the 3-am circus act because you are trying to get some sleep!). With an interactive cat toy such as FelineFisher, you can better “schedule” playtime with the hope that kitty will then sleep through those wee morning hours. Hey – we can hope.If you have older or ill cats, be sure to check with your veterinarian about the appropriate amount of exercise for each one of your cats.

The Benefits – For Both of You – The Human-Animal Bond:

There have been numerous studies on the Human-Animal Bond – all giving scientific evidence of the physical and emotional benefits humans receive from bonding with an animal.

Of course, those of us who’ve had cats in our lives already knew this.

It is, however, great to see the medical community taking notice. According to the CDC, pets can:

  • decrease blood pressure
  • decrease cholesterol levels
  • decrease triglyceride levels
  • decrease feelings of loneliness
  • increase opportunities for exercise
  • increase opportunities for socialization

Your cats will also benefit from the human-animal bond. It won’t take long for your cats to associate both playtime and mealtime with YOU.

Please note that it is important to hide the FelineFisher behind a locked door after playtime. We’ve heard stories about cats finding the toy and trying to play by themselves – it doesn’t work too well, and they may associate a poor experience with that toy.

We’ve included links to videos and other studies on our Resources Page if you’d like to hear more about the benefits of the human-animal bond. But be sure to order your FelineFisher now. Ordering is quick and easy, and we back-up our product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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