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Hi, I’m Carla Job, the owner of Red Cat Company and manufacturer of the FelineFisher Cat Toy. It is my sincere desire to help as many cats as possible to live longer, happier and healthier lives.

Throughout this website, we have presented the details, attributes and Benefits of our cat wand toy that was modeled after the famous Galkie Kitty Tease Cat Toy. If you’d like to hear more about the history of the FelineFisher, please visit my About Page. Below I have provided answers to the most common questions I hear while chatting with my customers. However, if you have a question about cat toys that is not answered below, please feel free to call, email through our contact page or post your question on our Facebook page and I will answer just as soon as I can.

1.Q: What is the FelineFisher Cat Wand Toy made of?

A: I have put a lot of thought into the design and manufacturing of this cat toy. I make each one of these toys by hand in my workshop in Arizona. I make them compact, lightweight and easy to handle. The FelineFisher consists of several parts:

  • A solid one piece fiberglass rod that allows you to control the activity of the “prey” hanging on the end. Because of the flexing and tension in the rod, your cat will experience the chase and the capture of “a real hunt.”
  • A metal tip on the end of the rod that offers strength and durability to the rod itself.
  • An 80 lb test braided nylon fishing line from which to dangle the target or the “prey.” This braided fishing line is strong. It is highly unlikely the average cat will be able to break or bite-through 80 lb test (However, never leave any line, string, lace, tinsel or ribbon unattended … ever as it’s not worth the risk).
  • A hardwood handle that offers a comfortable grip for you.
  • A 100% Bermuda cotton denim target that has been proven to simulate “prey”.
  • The rod and line of this cat wand toy extends 75 inches. Keeping your hands and fingers safely away from claws and teeth.
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2. Q: What makes the FelineFisher different from other cat wand or pole toys?

A: The FelineFisher is a truly interactive cat toy. There are many other “wand” or “fishing pole” type toys out there that you can connect to a door jamb or doorknob, but don’t be fooled by high-priced advertisements; those are NOT interactive toys. When veterinarians and cat behaviorists suggest an interactive cat toy, it means that YOU are cast in the starring role of your cat’s play.

3. Q: What makes the FelineFisher cat toy better than a laser pointer or other similar cat toys?

A: Nobody likes to play games that they have no chance of winning. We’ve heard about cats that become frustrated with laser pointer games because that little red dot remains forever elusive, thus your cat can’t ever “capture their prey.”

The FelineFisher adds the capture element. It’s a great way to simulate the natural behavior of hunting, stalking, pouncing and capturing (winning!).

By playing with FelineFisher just before you provide mealtime, you can closely mimic what would happen in the wild as cats would naturally hunt for their food. Your cat will look forward to playtime knowing that mealtime will soon follow.

4. Q: What makes the FelineFisher so appealing to cats of all ages, sizes, shapes and abilities?

A: I have painstakingly tested and designed the FelineFisher to ensure it mimics the antics of a cat’s “real prey.” As long as your cat is healthy enough for exercise (please check with your veterinarian) this life-like target made of cloth will absorb your cats’ saliva (complete with pheromones) and will actually become more appealing – almost irresistible – the more your cat bites on the prey. Your cat also has scent releasing glands in the pads of each paw. The more your cat paws with, face rubs and bites on the denim, the more your cat will identify with it being his or her own special possession.

Another reason this toy is so appealing is that it is a truly interactive toy. When you and your cat engage in “play time” with the FelineFisher, your cat knows it’s all about him/her. Something special is happening here – benefiting both of you – it’s commonly called the human-animal bond. The benefits of the human-animal bond are many from stress reduction, blood pressure reduction, and a natural release of endorphins as you let out a deep belly laugh while watching your cat’s antics and acrobatics.

5. Q: The FelineFisher cat toy is rather plain looking. Why isn’t it cute and colorful like other cat toys?

A: Cats don’t really understand the concept of “cute.” That’s a people thing. And because cats have more rods than cones in their eyes, they do not see color the way people see color. This is most easily described as a type of red-green colorblindness (called deuteranopia in humans). Generally speaking, cats can see blue colors versus other colors okay, but tend to confuse colors on the red spectrum.

6. Q: I have a cat that is very shy and scared of every toy I have brought home. Do you think the FelineFisher might work for my cat?

A: We have many customers with shy cats, some with rescued cats that never had the opportunity to “learn how to play” or were abused and are now fearful of everything and every human.

Luckily, we also hear many success stories about how the FelineFisher has been a miracle toy for these cats. Read Masha’s story here. We believe that the FelineFisher is successful with shy cats because the toy is quiet, the target is soft and the line and pole are long enough (75” total) so there is distance between you and your cat which makes a scared cat feel safe enough to venture out and play.

We say, “Try It,” and if for any reason it does not perform to your complete satisfaction, there is a 100% money back guarantee.

7. Q: Is this toy safe for my cats?

A: We have taken every precaution to make this toy as safe as possible. We decided against using cheaper materials like plastic twine, cloth string or feathers because of the risks associated with string and feathers. Although you can find virtually any kind of material in cat toys in your local pet retail store, we are committed to safety first. With that said, if you have any concern, be sure to check with your veterinarian. And we put the disclaimer there for a reason; the FelineFisher must be kept behind a locked door when you are not there to supervise.

8. Q: My cat is overweight. Will this cat toy help with weight loss?

A: It’s important to check with your veterinarian before you start any exercise plan with your cat. You want to be sure there are no other health issues contributing to the weight gain.

Once kitty is cleared for activity, then playing about an hour a day – broken into three or four 15-20 minute play sessions – will likely help your cat lose weight. Please note: If your cat starts to pant or cough during playtime – consult your vet. You may need to start off with five-minute play sessions and gradually work-up to 15-minutes.

Remember, even cats in the wild are not built for extended exercise as cats are designed for short bursts of energy (think of a lion or tiger stalking, chasing and pouncing on their prey). Your cat will usually give you a sign that play time is over by either walking away or grooming.

9. Q: What is the FelineFisher replacement string pack, and why do I need it?

A: Although it is possible that your FelineFisher will last a lifetime, on occasion there is a need to replace some of the parts. A lot depends on how aggressive your cat’s playful antics are and how serious they take “the hunt.”

The replacement string pack includes a replacement braided fishing line and cloth target (the prey). Depending on the frequency of the use of the cat toy, it may become necessary to replace the string or the target. We want to be sure you have the parts on hand so that your cat doesn’t miss any play time.

10. Q: Is the target replaceable on the FelineFisher?

A: Yes, you can put a different target on the end of the line, but be sure it is safety tested for your cat. Our 100% natural Bermuda cotton swatch meets all safety requirement listed in the Characteristics of the Ideal Cat Toy Guidelines.

Our cat toy, including the target, has been designed to exact specifications in order to provide the most realistic hunting experience possible for your cat. These specs have been developed after hours of testing different sizes, shapes and materials.

***An Important Word of Caution***

Never replace the original fishing line unless you use one of our replacement kits. And never leave the FelineFisher (or any string-based cat toy) unattended where a cat, dog, or child may accidentally have access to it. Although anything swallowed by your cat can cause harm, long stringy material is one of the most dangerous. Our veterinarian described it similar to scrunching pleated-style curtains across a flat rod. As the foreign object (string, tinsel, thread) tries to move along through the intestinal track, the intestines (like the curtains) start to “accordion” over the string (the string acts like the curtain rod). This is easily avoidable with proper supervision and safe storage.

Again, we hope to have answered all of your questions above, but please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.