FelineFisher got a glowing review in the Oregonian.

“The toy has become a staple in Beaverton resident Sanddra Suter’s home. Her 1  1/2-year-old cat, Blondie, begs to play with the toy.

“It seems like such a basic thing — a string with cloth on it — so why the cat is so attracted to it, I cannot figure out,” Suter says, “but she begs to play with it.””

Nevada Humane Society


At Nevada Humane Society, we’ve found that the FelineFisher is an amazing toy for our cats! We have one in each area of kitty housing, and they are used as part of our animal enrichment program. The FelineFisher stimulates both mind and body, providing a source of exercise, entertainment, and interaction with people and other cats alike. It even allows potential adopters to get a feel for the various personalities that cats exhibit, whether an extremely playful side or one that is more calm. Plus, it brings out the social side in each kitty in an otherwise busy environment. We love the FelineFisher for so many reasons, but mainly because it gives our homeless cats joy while they are here!



Jerry and MeI think the FelineFisher is the greatest invention since kitty litter!

Over the years I have cared for literally thousands of cats and I consider it to be the world’s greatest cat toy. It brings shy cats out from under the bed and turns senior cats into kittens. The FelineFisher adds enrichment to a cat’s life and for me that means job satisfaction.

-Debra Hollander, Sit-A-Pet

WaHi Cats





WaHi Cats is deeply grateful to FelineFisher for helping us socialize feral street kittens and rescued stay cats in NYC.  Over the years, this toy has helped us bring many cats and kittens out of their shells and learn to trust people.  One of our biggest successes, which we will always remember, was Masha…a cat who was abused in her previous home and would not let anyone touch her for weeks after she was rescued.  The FelineFisher worked a miracle with this cat, when nothing else would.  Over the course of several months of 3x daily play sessions with the FelineFisher, Masha gradually blossomed into the sweet, loving, and beautiful cat she was always meant to be.  Masha was eventually adopted into a “forever home,” and we sent her own personal FelineFisher along with her, of course!   Masha continues to enjoy her daily “Fisher Sessions” with her new mom, and has even progressed to the point where she loves being brushed and getting belly rubs.   Thank you, FelineFisher, for this and so many other happy endings you have brought to the rescue cats and kittens of northern Manhattan.

Catnip Magazine


FelineFisher named one of the best interactive cat toys by the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University in Catnip (March 2013 edition) their newsletter for caring cat owners. The newsletter goes on to say, “Amazingly sturdy and deceptively simple, the Fisher can ― in the hands of a skilled operator  ― simulate almost any kind of prey, from a skittering insect to a scurrying mouse, a jumping frog to a fluttering bird.  The lure is simply a scrap of denim ― but to cats, it’s pure magic.”

Outsmarting Cats by Wendy Christensen


FelineFisher rated the #1 Cat Toy and “THE best cat toy ever!” in Outsmarting Cats, by Wendy Christensen, award winning writer and cat behavior expert.