Test Page

Here is a heading

This test page is for Richard and Carla to play around with.


Based on the statement that this edit area works like MS-Word, here are a few questions. . .

1.  Where do we select font size , type and color?

2.  Where are “undo/redo” options?

3.  And a website copy fix that maybe you should do until we master this thing. . .

When you get time can you also edit the last  FelineFisher from the ACKNOWLEDGMENT box on the website as it should appear in italics and bold . . .   FelineFisher

FelineFisher and Red Cat Company wish to take this opportunity to thank Mr. John “Galkie” Galkiewicz, entrepreneur and inventor for his help, encouragement and outspoken resolve to have us remain true to the high standards of excellence he established with his invention, the original Galkie Kitty Tease, the creation that made cat toy history and paved the way for FelineFisher.
Tha’s all for now.  We’ll keep playing in our sandbox editor space.